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Dr. Lorenzo Ku

A successful entrepreneur, a diplomat and a patriot: Dr. Lorenzo C. Ku was born on June 29, 1936 to Chinese- Filipino parents in Manila. His entrepreneurial career started with garments, textiles and spinning then later expanded to construction, real estate development, retail business operations and import-export.


Dr. Lorenzo C. Ku is one of the most influential persons in the Philippines- China relations. He spearheaded organizations and countless activities that promoted economic, social, cultural, and inter-government understanding and exchanges between the two countries.

Madam Anita Ku

A successful entrepreneur, a capitalist, a financier and the wife of Dr. Lorenzo C. Ku: Anita K. Ku was born on September 17, 1941 in Lipa City, Batangas. She became an Executive Vice President, Corporate Secretary and VP for Marketing Sales of one of the top 1000 corporations in the 1990’s. Her duty was global marketing of ladies and men’s garments to USA, Australia, Asia and Europe.


Currently, Madam Anita K. Ku is a Corporate Secretary of a well-established construction corporation and the Shopping Mall President of Fiesta World Mall Corporation as well as the Royal British College, Inc.


Hon. Gwendolyn Wong

A successful entrepreneur, a leader, an innovator and the only daughter of the 4 children of Mr. and Mrs. Lorenzo C. Ku: Gwendolyn K. She was a dean’s lister and graduated with a degree of Bachelor of Science in Legal Management at Ateneo de Manila University. She also graduated from the Regis Program of Ateneo Graduate School of Business. At a young age, she has held top positions in different corporations.


She became the Lipa City Queen of Charity from 2015-2018. She was elected as City Councilor of Lipa City from 2016-2019. She established, organized and is currently operating the Royal British College Inc.

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